Camspower is an interesting affiliate program which gives webmasters the opportunity to promote cam sites and to earn a lot of money by referring new potential clients to the different websites of Camspower. The websites that are being promoted bij Camspower are XCams and EveLive

xCams and EveLive

XCams is one of the best cam sites in Europe that you can visit. This cam site has been perfected with high quality services and payment methods for each country across the land. More than 60,000 registered models and over 400 online models at any given time of the day are just some of the reasons why XCams fans always find exactly what they are looking for. The second website that is being promoted by Camspower is EveLive. 

EveLive is the hottest new live sex chat site dedicated for the US & Global markets and is ready to convert your traffic. This sexy new site features the hottest webcam services geared towards the needs and demands of every user. 

Camspower Payment Information

Of course it is also interesting to know how much you can get paid by becoming a member of this affiliate program. First of all it is good to know that payments are sent twice a month. For the activity of the first 15 days of the month, you get paid on the 20th and for the activity of the last 15 days of the month, you get paid on the 5th of the following month.

Have you earned a lot of money via Camspower and do you want to get paid? To get paid, you need to reach the minimum payment threshold ($100) and have your payment information up to date.

So what can you make?

  • Reshare Livetime: 35%
  • PPS: up to 240 Euro
  • White Label Revshare Livetime: 27%
  • White Label PPS: up to 140 Euro
  • Model referral Revshare: 10% first year or 5% lifetime
  • Webmaster referral Revshare: 10% first year or 3% lifetime

Advantages New webmasters

Every New webmaster has the advantage of getting one of the two special bonuses for new webmasters. The first bonus is the US$250 Sign Up Bonus. Upon making $250 or 200€ you get the opportunity to get a double commission. It is good to know that your achievements need to be made within 4 payment periods (or 2 months) from sign up date. This rule is applicable to the Lifetime Revshare and White Label Revshare sales. Other programs and partners with custom payout are excluded for this bonus. If you want to enroll in this promotion you need to contact the affiliate rep. 

You also need to contact affiliate rep if you want to enroll in the Double Whitelabel RevShare Bonus of this site. Once approved you need to make $125 (or 100€) in 2 periods of time (30 days) from your sign up date in order to qualify your first Whitelabel site for the bonus. You will also get double your earnings made on the White Label Revshare program. So if you earn $600 in commissions, you will get an extra $600 in payout ($1200 earnings in total). This percentage is not retroactive. This Bonus will be calculated on the first payout tier.

Referral program for webmasters and models

Camspower has two referral programs. One of them is the XCams Power referral program and the second one is the Xmodels referral program. 

Xcams Power referral program 

Xcams Power offers you additional commissions when you refer new affiliates who generate commissions. This site offers two sponsorship programs. The first one is a lifetime 3% commission. There is no limit on the number of affiliates you can refer, and you earn commission for life. For example: your referees generate $10,000 , $300 will be credited to your account on top of your normal sales commissions.

Secondly you can get a 12 month commission of 10%. Need money fast? Choose the higher percentage referral program for a limited time. There is no limit on the number of affiliates that you can refer, but the income from each of your referred affiliates will be limited to a period of 12 months. Be sure to select the right 'program type' when choosing your referral links, under the Promotional Tools section.

Xmodels referral program

Xcams Power allows you to earn extra commissions when you refer new models to The site offers two types of payout. First of all you can get a 12 month referral commission of 10%. Secondly you can get a 5% lifetime referral commission. To start referring models on, click on the promo tools section.

Can I promote Xcams Power's services even if I don't have a site?

You can promote the sites of Camspower through various payout programs, such as Lifetime Rev Share and PPS. If you don't have your own website, then creating your own cams site using white label editor is a great alternative.

White Label: easy integration is a rebranded version of the Live webcam product of this site, which is customized to work seamlessly with your traffic sources. It comes with an editor that lets you customize various features and functionalities.

All sales are credited to the domain name. After the site is setup, you will get paid a commission for every sale made.

Full Label: advanced integration

With the Full Label, this site offers now a set of customization options that allow the partners of Camspower to create their own websites, but still require the necessary tools and resources to get started. This is a rebranded version of theLiveCam product.

This solution gives you complete freedom over your website design. It allows you to create a unique livecam experience for your users.

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