Are you the manager of one or a few websites focused on adult material? Then you are at the right place at VXCash. This site offers you the opportunity to become an affiliate. You can then promote the different adult websites they have in their portfolio on your site, generate visitors for the websites and that way earn extra money without having to do much.

The affiliate program is aimed at driving more traffic to the various websites that are promoted via VXCash. You will therefore also be provided with various promotional tools to achieve that common goal. In this article you will learn more about the affiliate program of VXCash,  which sites are promoted and how you can earn extra cash through the various promotion tools without having to do much.

How much can I earn through VXCash?

On VXCash you will notice that you can generate income not just once, but even for your entire life. Through the affiliate marketing program of the site you can earn up to 52% live time sharing. In addition, 10 euros per valid lead and 4 euros per SOI. So you can get a high provision with the intelligent affiliate marketing program of this site.

So on VXCash you get the chance to become a webmaster with the affiliate program of the site. The webmaster (or affiliate or publisher) is the person who earns money by promoting other VXCash partner websites. This site's affiliate program makes these products available.

Which sites are promoted by VXCash?

You will notice that VXCash pays you for promoting various websites. Some of these websites are:

  • Visit- X
  • VX pages
  • pleasure states
  • Astrophone
  • beinAnrufSex
  • Ersties

Do I need to pay to become an affiliate of VXCash?

It is good to know that the registration as well as the participation in this Webmaster or partner program is absolutely free of charge. Simply register, vet the partner program with all its possibilities, give it a try with test campaigns, configure your site builder kit and everything is free of charge. The only thing that you need to do is register and promote VXCash on your website and earn money.

VX-CASH collaborates very closely with its merchants and their products. The site always implements end customer promotions, product novelties etc. into the Webmaster programs and passes them to the Webmasters straight away. The VXCash partner program is perfectly suitable for beginners as well as for absolute professionals, and their excellent support team stays very close to Webmaster.

How do you get paid on VXCash?

On VXCash, the webmasters who also earn the most are paid based on their performance. You can earn 30% to 52% live time sharing, €5.50 to €10 per lead or up to €4 per SOI. The site has a multi-level commission model. It starts from level 1 and ends with level 7.

In the beginning you will earn a 30% revenue share of $5.50 per lead in Level 1. Webmasters with huge sales can quickly climb to Level 7 and then up to $10.00 per lead from a whopping 52% revenue share earned. In addition, there is the 10% reseller commission and up to 4 € SOI with the dating smart link of the site. For top affiliates, in addition to the standard commission model and the fee per lead or via revenue sharing, there is also the option of using a special commission model on an individual basis. This relates to the revenues from the promoted products. So there are different modalities on the basis of which you can earn through the site.

VXCash Promotion Tools

Landing pages

VX-CASH has been the market leader in the field of innovative and unique landing pages for years. These pages are responsive and A/B testing is ongoing to continuously improve conversion rates. Landing pages are a good tool to bring in potential users/members and thereby earn extra money.

Responsive Content Generator

This promotion tool generates responsive areas in the look and feel of your website. These areas automatically adapt to your website and fit seamlessly into your layout. Also a handy promotion tool.

Banner set

You can also design banners on the site with just a few clicks. Designing from simple banners to your own microsite is all possible at VXCash. So you can select the size, color, category, headline, geographic targeting and more yourself. The banners are also easy to configure and embed.

Self-optimizing promotional tools

Do you constantly have to exchange banners? Fortunately that is no longer necessary. VXCash's "self-optimizing" promotional tools ensure optimal CTR and conversion rates. What's more, VXCash allows the banners to be displayed not only on the pages, but also the corresponding landing pages when the user clicks on the banners.

Tools and scripts

You will also find useful tools and scripts on the site. These helps with the further integration of the VXCash products and kits or landing pages.

Wordpress theme

On VXCash you have the possibility to build complete WordPress based websites where your web space will show the VX-CASH theme with VISIT-X and BeiAnrufSex with editable profiles. Useful functions and short codes make the work easier for you. They ensure an optimal adaptation of the theme. 

Webcam, Telesexcam & Dating Kits

Do you want your own dating, telesex cam or live cam website? No problem. You can simply use the site's simple and straightforward kits. There is a lot to offer. Just think of a responsive and modern design, the ability to populate the web pages with your own SEO content, and of course a layout that you can customize to your heart's content with different colors, logos, header images and more. You don't need to install anything. You can just use your own domain via cName. 

Camchat frame

Also for Camchat frames you are at the right place at VXCash. With this advertising material you can offer your users a real live cam feeling on your own website. The CamChat frame can be used on any website. 

More tools

Do you need more resources? There are plenty of other useful tools out there, such as APIs and login forms for your own landing pages, freely available tools and scripts for page integration, XML search and content, and RSS feeds. The site even offers postback tracking upon special request.

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