BongaCams is an interesting website that is full of erotic material for people from 18 years and older, who need it. The affiliate program for is BongaCash. BongaCams offers the most beautiful models in the cam industry and through Bongacash you can generate sufficient income and therefore the best conversion in the webcam industry. The only thing that you need to do is register to become a BongaCash affiliate. Becoming an affiliate is not difficult at all. In this article you will get to know how to become an affiliate and the ways to generate a lot of income.

Goal BongaCash

Bongacash offers you the opportunity to earn as much money as possible by promoting Bongacams. The site is all about advanced promos, partner flexibility, and weekly payments you can count on. BongaCash is not only seen as the fastest growing affiliate program, but also as one of the highest paying affiliate programs.

Monetizing Bongacash

There are several ways to earn money on Bongacash.

  1. The first way is through the RevShare program. This program makes it possible to receive up to 25% of the amount that surfers/users spend for life. You can earn money by sending sales to Bongacams. Also, if the members you referred spend more, your income will also increase. So you will continue to receive money if you interest customers in spending money on Bongacams and if they actually spend money.
  2. The second way is by receiving money for each lead. The PPL for Bongacash depends on the country. But in general you get between 1 and 4 USD.
  3. And the third way is by using the referral program. You can earn up to 5.00% of what your referred affiliates earn. You do not need a special link or code. You will be credited for the sale of every webmaster, who signs up under a link code.

How much is there to earn?

There is basically no limit, which means that you can actually earn as much as you want. So how much you actually earn is entirely up to you. The more traffic you send to Bongacams, the more earnings. To find out how much you have earned, you need to log in to the site. Here you can view the real-time statistics of your affiliated account.

How to make money?

Of course you will also want to know how you can start earning money through Bongacash. First you need to register on this site at least for the affiliate program of Bongacams. Then, you'll need to wait a few moments for the site's support team to review your submission and activate your account. You will also receive a confirmation email of the approval of your registration and the activation of your account at the email address you entered when registering. After that, you can start sending traffic to Bongacams and earn quite a bit of money through Bongcash.

Available Promotional Resources

You will notice that once you become an affiliate, the site will offer you various promotional tools to send more traffic to and earn much more. The site thus offers its affiliates a wide range of marketing tools. These are also pre-tested to ensure the best results. You will find text links, banners, popups, API, Embed Cam & Chat Room and Instant Messenger ads in the Promo Tools section of the affiliate program.

BongaCash's marketing tools contain HTML codes, each of which contains an ID. So when you add the tools to your website's HTML code, the ID identifies the traffic coming from your website as yours. With this identification, the traffic that refers you to Bongacams can be more accurately and better tracked. You can also be paid based on this.

Once you have registered as an Affiliate you will have access to Bongacash's promotional tools. So you can immediately start finding existing or potential members for Bongacams.

Can I also earn money by email?

The opportunity exists to earn up to $4.50 for each confirmed free signup. Members do not need a credit card to register. Bongacash actually pays for each new registration. Of course, how much you earn also depends on the countries where your traffic comes from.

Hot Mode

This mode allows you to increase your PPS speed to X1.25. It will be activated automatically after you have earned the required amount stated in your BongaCash account. The most active partners will get access to the Super Hot Mode, which will increase your PPS rates by x1.5.

The Hot Mode will remain active until the end of the week. On Monday, the increased rates will no longer be active and the amount needed to start the mode will be updated. However, BongaCash reserves the right to disable this option at any time without notice.

From what amount can I withdraw my earned money?

Ideally, it would be if there were no limits on the withdrawal of your money. However, that is not the case on Bongcams. You can withdraw your money from the following amounts:

  • Web Money - $200;
  • Paxum - $200;
  • ePay Service - $200;
  • Bitcoin – $200;
  • Bitcoin Cash - $200;
  • Ethereum - $200;
  • Litecoin - $200;
  • Ripple - $200

Payments are made every Friday and relate to the earnings of the previous week (Monday to Sunday). Affiliates sending traffic under the Pay Per Signup program are only entitled to weekly payment upon receipt of their first payment with the next 15 day billing cycle and a 15 day payment hold. Example: The money earned in the period from May 1-15 will be paid out on June 1-7. The money earned in the period from May 16-31 will be paid out on June 16-22. A minimum of $200 must be earned during the period or the money earned will be paid out when the minimum amount is reached.

More about your Bongacash account

Some people wonder if they need multiple accounts to make use of the different payment methods. It's good to know that you only need one account. With BongaCash you can track registrations from all your websites. Your webmaster reference links can be found in the Linking Codes section of the BongaCash partner area, among other places. It is marked as Webmaster Referral URL.

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