This Affiliate Program provider strives to create the best programs for its affiliates so that they can achieve success through promoting the top converting premium sites which are a part of AWEMPIRE. 

As a top webcam affiliate program provider, the site loves their affiliates, and attention is being paid to their feedback and suggestions. LiveJasmin is their main product, but there are also other sites you can promote:

  • LiveJasmin
  • BimBim
  • Cameraboys
  • Livesexasian
  • Mytrannycams
  • Maturescam
  • And mainstream site Oranum (psychics and spirutual advisors)

How much can I earn via the AWEMPIRE program?

AWE offers some of the highest possible affiliate commissions. You can think of commissions in the range of 35-45% RevShare and Lifetime, up to US$300 PPS, and 35-45% on the Whitelabel sites, based on domain tracking. On top of this, on AWE you have the unique opportunity to recycle your traffic. It is good to know that the payouts over the last 10 years of this site has been punctual and reliable with earnings paid every two weeks. You have the possibility to choose one of the following cost-efficient e-Wallet based payment methods: ePayService, Paxum. A US paper check is also an option.

Revenue Share (RevS) 

If you refer a user that is not new to the network but has not been tied to any AWE affiliates previously via lifetime+ or PPS, you will receive 35-45% commission based on the credit purchases generated through your link. Member credit purchases are tracked by your affiliate code stored in a browser cookie on the users' PC. 

Tiered pay per sign up (PPS) 

Furthermore you have the possibility to earn up to US$300 for every new premium customer referred who purchases at least a 17.99 credit package. The Webmaster will receive a PPS commission if a completely new user, who never purchased credits on any of the AWE sites or Whitelabels before, buys at least 17.99 credits through his/her affiliate link which is equipped with the PPS program code. The Webmaster with the active cookie in the user's browser at the time of the purchase, will get the commission. After a user brings a PPS commission to a Webmaster, AWE "owns" that user, and no further commissions will be paid after his/her purchases made on any of the AWE sites or Whitelabels.

Credit purchases made by phone or other payment methods that operate without packages are eligible for the Tiered PPS payout only if the purchased amount reaches or exceeds the price of the US$17.99 credit package. Please note that the PPS program is not applicable if you are promoting BimBim or a Whitelabel.

Webmaster referrals (2 Tier)

On AWE you have the possibility to refer webmasters to AWE. By referring webmasters you can earn up to 36% based on their sales. Have these people refer any affiliate or member, and make up to 18%.

Refferal of Cam models 

On AWE you can refer cam models or a new studio and earn up to 10% after the models for a year.  AWE currently only offers a model referral program for LiveJasmin but not for BimBim.

Whitelabel – Live Cam Site

One AWE you also have the possibility to create your own custom Live Cam site and earn up to 45% of the purchases made on it. These transactions are tracked by the domain, so you do not need to compete with the cookies set by your fellow Webmasters. You get a commission for all purchases made on the Whitelabel, except for those made by users who were previously bound to any Webmasters via the PPS program. If you opt for the one-click payment with your Whitelabel, the commission percentage you get will be lowered by 10%.

Payout periods and payout limits

If you are already an affiliate or if you want to become an affiliate of the site, you will of course wonder about the payout once you have generated income. It is good to know that Payouts are sent periodically, twice a month. If you reach your Payout Limit in the 1st period of a month (1st – 15th), you will receive your payment by the 10th of the next month. If you reach the Payout Limit in the second period of a month (16th – 31st), you will receive your payout by the 25th of the next month.

If you do not reach the Payout Limit in a period, your earnings are carried over to the next period until you reach your Payout Limit. The payout dates are always on the 10th and 25th of the following month, regardless of the payment method you choose. AWE sends yout payments several days before the official payout dates to make sure everyone receives their funds in time.

The Payout Limit is the amount of earnings you need to collect before you can receive payment. You are advised to choose the lowest payout limit. You can do this via the My Account menu and then click on the Payout tab. You need to do this to ensure that you will be paid frequently. The minimum payout limit depends on your payout method and varies between $100 and $1000.

How often can you expect a payment?

How much and how often you get paid depends on how much you have earned for a certain period. If you want to get paid you need to make sure that you reached the payment limit. You can get paid twice a month on the 10th or on the 25th of each month. If you have not received a payment and/or have any question regarding payout issues, please contact [email protected].

Payment methods

On AWE there are several payment methods. You can think of e-wallet based payout solutions such as

  • ePayService and
  • Paxum,
  • with withdrawals to prepaid Mastercard® cards, to any VISA or MasterCard® cards or
  • to local bank accounts.

You can also think of a bank transfer,

  • SEPA transfer (EUR),
  • ACH direct deposit (USD, US only),
  • international wire transfer (EUR).

The third option is the paper check, which is only possible in the US and much more.

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