RivCash is the afliate program for a couple of sites. Their main sites are RivCams.com and Ragazzeinvendita.com. All members are real people, who like to video chat to meet new ladies and gentlemen. At registration, all personal information is carefully checked to verify that the information provided is authentic.

All registered users can sell their personal information and video chat with other members. For example, they can provide their phone number, personal email address, ICQ, MSN contacts, etc. Not only that, they can also sell their used lingerie and much more.

The RIVCash Affiliate Program

The affiliate program of this site has been put together in such a way that webmasters are given the best tools for marketing purposes. This also applies to keeping statistics and various payment systems.

First of all, you can earn 20% on all sales made with your help. Every time a user referred by you makes a purchase on a partner site, you earn 20% on what they spend. You should keep in mind that RIVCash offers the opportunity to earn money in different ways and through various channels. Just think of photo sets, private videos, IM contacts, phone numbers and lingerie. So you can make money in many ways and not just with webcams.

A second way in which you can earn quite a bit of money is the introduction of a friend as a webcam model (the so-called girls referral program). You can then earn 10% on all her earnings.

The same goes for webmasters. Referring webmasters to RIVCash can also earn you quite a bit of money. Just think of 5% commission on all revenue generated by the webmasters you refer to the site.

So you have the possibility to earn quite a bit of money on RIVCash in different ways. When signing up on this site you can also earn a sign up bonus of US$50 as a new webmaster. Simply sign up with RIVcash and the US$50.00 will be automatically added to your payment once you reach the minimum payout.

RIVCash Promotion Tools

You will notice that RIVCash has also developed special promotional tools that you can use to make even more profit by promoting the websites under their control. Below is an explanation of the various promotional tools.

Classic banners

On the site you will find a range of classic banners in GIF and Flash. These contain messages that aim to grab the attention of your visitors. All you have to do is choose a banner and the link code will be generated automatically.

Live feeds

You can also use the live feed option. Few other tools convert like Live Feeds. Again, you only have to choose the live feed you want and you will receive an automatically generated code with which you can start earning money.

Model personal chat room

With this promotion tool you can make a custom banner in colors. It is an intriguing tool that will grab the attention of your users.

Pop under

Everyone is familiar with pop-ups. The pop under promotion tool creates a pop-up window that directly displays the home page of the promoted site. It arouses curiosity and always gives excellent results in terms of conversion.

Text link

The "Text Link" tool allows you to create text links, which you can use as you see fit. You can also insert it on your own site as a signature in the forums or in your e-mail messages.

RSS feed

Another interesting tool you can use is the RSS feed tool. This allows you to enter information about girls directly on your site. This will then be updated automatically. You can see which girls are online, who are the newest members and much more.

Slide box

Slidebox is nothing more than a promotion window that pops up on the screen with the profile of a particular girl. It is definitely a tool that grabs the user's attention and entices them to click on it.

Video chat

This tool causes a window on your website to appear from a video chat, pop-up or pop-under. This entirely according to your preferences. This window opens as soon as the user clicks on a link on the page. You can choose to always show it by entering the code on every page or only show it once per individual user.

Site Builder - Whitelabel Sites

On RIVCash you also have the option to use Whitelabel sites. You will then be given the option to create your own Whitelabel site. You have to choose a template that you like the most and you can change the configuration, determine colors, add a logo and many other functions. The user who visits your site will not notice anything special and an ideal option to generate extra income.

Which sites are promoted through RIVCash?

By promoting sites linked to the RIVCash program you can earn extra money with your website. Some of these sites are: 

  1. RIVSCams: This is an adult website aimed at the US and UK market.
  2. NudeInCam: This website is new and aimed at international visitors with excellent conversion rate potential.
  3. RIVBoys: This site is mainly developed for Gays and Trans lovers.
  4. RIVTube: A website with real amateur adult videos from the hottest amateur girls.
  5. RIVFetish: This website is mainly intended for real Fetish lovers.
  6. ChicasEnventa: This site features webcams for Spanish-speaking adults.

As an operator of adult content websites, you can earn quite a bit of money promoting websites that are part of RIVCash's portfolio. All you need to do is sign up and develop Whitelabel sites or you can use the various promotional tools to earn extra at RIVCash.

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