Did you know that the webcam site Flirt4Free has its own affiliate program? The affiliate program gives webmasters the possibility to earn a lot of money by linking customers with this site. Flirt4Free contains high quality cams, is branded with Whitelabels and is a company that you can trust. So if you are a webmaster or if you want to gain money with the White Label sites of Flirt4Free, join this affiliate program right away. 

What does Flirt4Free stand for?

The webcam site of Flirt4Free has the hottest models you can think of in the webcam industry. By promoting this site as an affiliate you get your surfers in the live rooms of the Flirt4Free network. The models are working hard to convert the visitors into paying customers. With exclusive studios and talented performers, your customers can't help but fall in love with these models. 

This affiliate program has an award winning affiliate support. Choose your marketing strategy and payout model and the skilled team of Flirt4Free will help figure out the best approaches for you to make money. Customers can reach a live support team 24/7 to ensure you maximum conversions.

Flirt4Free also offers a variety of promotional tools to help you make the most of your traffic. This affiliate site has dynamic and responsive Iframes, mobile landers, banners, live streaming video ads. Enough reason to join the affiliate program of Flirt4Free today.

Interested in the Flirt4Free Whitelabels?

The Whitelabels of Flirt4Free are not only quick but also very effective. The only thing that you need is a domain, and you can then choose and customize your Whitelabel at your convenience. 

The affiliate program of Flirt4Free provides you with the performers, the business model, the promotions, re-marketing emails, free hosting, and free consulting. All you need to do is grab a domain, point to the servers of this site and add a logo. It is that simple! You can also use a domain (yourdomain.com) and in a few short steps have your own live adult video chat site powered by the back-end of Flirt4Free with 24/7 customer support for users. Increase your brand awareness and offer your users something different, even promote your main site on your white label! It's a great way to build up your brand and your payouts.

What are the key Benefits of joining the Flirt4Free affiliate program?

The key benefits of becoming a part of the Flirt4Free affiliate program is that you can use your own domain, you can use your own Google Analytics™ Tracking and you can enjoy consistent branding across all pages and emails. You don’t have to worry about setup fees or the limit on the number of domains you can set up. Furthermore there are multiple designs you can choose from. You also get access to dynamic ad tools such as live video ads, IFRAMEs, etc. 

You can set yourself up to earn high profits for years to come. The Revenue Share option of this site will pay you commissions throughout a lifetime of your referred active users. Revenue Share is paid out on a sliding scale based on each month's Adjusted Gross Sales. The commission rates are subject to Dormant Rate adjustments.

Flirt4Free Payment and Payout information

Some affiliates are interested in the period that needs to be taken into account with regard to payouts. It is good to know that affiliate commissions are paid out on a monthly basis. Payouts are sent on the 15th of the month for the previous calendar month. The default payment option of this site is check via US Mail. However, Flirt4Free also offer payouts in the form of Paxum, wire (domestic and international), and FedEx.

So how much can you make? They have the option for:

  • Revshare: up to 30%
  • For PPS and PPL, you need to sign up with their other affiliate program, hacklabcpa.com

Fees associated with receiving commission

There are some fees that need to be paid when receiving your commission. Here is a list with the relevant fees that you need to take into account. 

  • Checks via mail: Domestic - Free; International - Free
  • Checks via Fedex: Domestic - $50; International - $100
  • Paxum: Domestic - $5; International - $5
  • Wire Transfer: $35
  • Cancelling and reissuing checks: $20 stop payment fee

The minimum check amount is $100.00 (net). Commissions of less than $100.00 are held over to the next payment period and paid when the commission balance exceeds $100.00.

Traffic, raw hits and unique hits

If you want to know where you can see how much traffic you have sent, you can go to Traffic Statistics. These are available under the stats tab in the member's area. You can view your stats broken down by date, user ID, tracking code, and device type

It is also interesting to know what raw hits are and what unique hits. A unique hit is the number of individuals that click your ads/links, while raw hits are the total number of clicks all those individuals have made. For example, if you have 2 people that each clicked 10 times, then you would have generated 2 unique hits, and 20 raw hits.

Homepage link vs Random Webcam link

It is important to know which link you should use, the homepage link or the webcam link. The homepage link is great for showcasing all of the live models, and then allowing the customer to choose a specific model, and start chatting. The random room link will take your customers directly into a random live chat, thus reducing the number of clicks required to sign up and start spending.

Checking the performance of your website

The campaign manager of Flirt4Free will give you a unique tracking code. This is also known as the mp code. With this code you can track the success of specific promotional material. You are able to specify a tracking code name and description. To see how a specific tracking code is doing, visit the "Account" section on your stats page. There you will see your tracker names listed with their specific sales and traffic stats.

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