There are many adult related affiliate programs on the internet, but do they convert? VPS Cash has something for everyone. With over 10 years of experience, VPS Cash has developed a unique program that enables its partners to earn money with its adult website. Instead of charging costs, VPS Cash encourages its partners to promote their custom site through their existing channels, but it is of course the main affiliate program for the dutch camsite

How does it work?

Of course it is important to get to know how this affiliate program works. After registration, you will receive a unique code that will be emailed to every visitor that makes a payment using your code. You will also be rewarded for every payment that those customers make. You can start your promotion right away by filling out the registration form. After 48 hours, you will receive a confirmation email from VPS Cash.

What are the most important advantages of VPS CASH?

You can get a Monthly Payout 

A good partner is also important to make sure that the partner is paid on time and accurately. It is also important that the partner is transparent about their earnings. In addition, VPS Cash uses a bonus and graduated system that enables the partner to generate even more turnover.

VPS Cash is a Trustworthy partner

At VPS Cash, partners are their number one priority. They take pride in giving them the attention they deserve. Whether it's a small or big deal, VPS Cash makes sure that their interests are always first. At VPS Cash, the privacy of their customers is also taken very seriously. Only a few employees have access to their customer's data.

(Inter)national expertise

Since 2001, VPS Cash has been the leading partner program in the adult sector. With over 10 years of experience, this company is well-equipped to provide the best advice and solutions to the adult market. With a close relationship with various international adult industry players, VPS Cash can easily translate these developments into profitable national products.


Unlike other affiliate programs, VPS Cash doesn't just focus on improving its products, it also invests in its employees to continuously innovate and improve its offerings. VPS Cash offers its partners the opportunity to think along about new products, as well as to make suggestions for improving existing products.

You will get 24/7 support

As a VPS Cash partner, affiliates are never alone. The support team of this company is always there to help you. They are available to answer questions and assist with any issues. Support is provided by email to [email protected] However, the VPS Cash support center can also be reached by telephone or via Skype.

A lot of Promotional Tools & Analysis Tools available 

Promotional tools are provided by VPS Cash to its partners/ affiliates. They are designed to give their clients a clear overview of the various features and tools that are available to them. With the tool "TrackThis", VPSCash's partners can easily view and analyze the generated turnover and registrations reports.

The Different Products of VPS CASH


IsLive is the largest live webcam platform in the Benelux. It features over 100,000 registrations per month and is the most visited live chat platform in the country. There are many types of people at IsLive, including men, women, and couples. VPS CASH offers various types of webcams, such as live video, audio, and video recording.


VPS Cash introduces the new product category Social, which allows users to become friends with each other. With this social network, users can share their photos and videos with each other. Members can use various features for free, as well as pay with credits. If you would like to promote Twero, you can contact the Sales department of VPS Cash.

VPS CASH Payouts

How are you paid?

VPS Cash uses a unique bonus system, which gives you an extra bonus based on the amount of turnover that you have achieved. This system works by calculating the total turnover within a calendar month. The total turnover is the sum of the payouts that will fall under the chosen rate group. It will also determine which group you fall under.

IsLive 3.0 Webcamsex Basic Silver Gold Diamond
PPM Nederland €0,29 / min €0,32 / min €0,34 / min €0,37 / min


There is also the option for PPC. This will earn you €0,50.

The different categories of affiliates 

If you have a total turnover in euros between 1 and 1,500 than you fall under the Base category. VPS Cash has a graduated overview for the various rate groups so that affiliates can easily understand the rates they can expect from their partners.

If you have a total turnover in euros between 1,500 and 3.00 than you are a Silver affiliate. On the website you will see a list of the countries with the most revenue potential for an affiliate. This list is based on the rates that are available in each country.

Gold affiliates have a total turnover between 3,000 and 12,500 euros. To provide a good overview of the revenue that a partner can expect from their country of residence, VPS Cash has put the country's rates in a graduated overview.

You are a Diamond affiliate if you have a total turnover in euros between 12,500 and 25,000. VPS Cash has created a graduated overview of the various rates that a partner can expect in their chosen country.

Platinum affiliates are those who have a total turnover in euros from 25,000 and above. For affiliates with a turnover from 25,000 euros, customized rates apply. The department of sales will provide those affiliates with more information with regard to the payment rates and more. 

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